Tourist in Sunda

Tourist in the municipality of Sunda

Many of the most beautiful natural pearls in the Faroe Islands are situated in the municipality of Sunda. Especially the villages Saksun, Tjørnuvík and Gjógv are on most tourists agendas when visiting the islands.


In Gjógv (english: Gorge) you find the facinating and cozy Gjáargarður Guesthouse, summerhouse area Fornagarður and the camping site Flatnagarður. At the camping site there is room for camping vans and tents. To reserve please call Gjáargarður Guesthouse at (+298) 423171 or reserve online at

In and around the municipality of Sunda different tours are arranged on a regular basis, such as theme- and company tours, where participants get to challenge themselves with mountain hikes, rapelling, kayaking and other activities. Special operator for these offers is North Atlantic Xperience,


In the village of Hvalvík, HK Buses offer tourists a drive around the area and the islands. To rent a bus or arrange transport, go to

You can buy food at Niðristovugarður in Hvalvík. To book call 00298 585212 or write email to:


Experience the breathtaking Faroese nature from the Sea with

Kayaking in the Faroe Islands is a must on your visit here and something you want to cross of from your bucket list. Sea Kayaking is very weather dependent, therefore we have several locations in the northern part of Streymoy for our tours. 

You will be safe hands and do not need to have paddling experience. All our guides are certified kayaking instructors and will give you the best instructions before we go paddling.

On occasion we meat a playful seal and seabirds swooping overhead. The quiet beauty of the fjord makes for a wonderful 2-hour tour that everyone will enjoy. Your experienced kayaking guide will keep you safe

If we are particularly lucky, we might even spot a dolphin.

On this tour we will spend approximately two hours on the water, going at a pace that matches your group.

To book a tour, please contact 


In the old village of Tjørnuvík it is possible to arrange a guided tour around the village seeing and hearing the stories and history regarding the village. Contact guide Hans Esbern for more information: (+298) 584042.

Tjørnuvík faces the open sea, which makes landing conditions very difficult. However, this has porven to be a bonus for surfers who come from near and far to ride the enormous waves which roll into the bay. Faroe Islands Surf guide offers quieded tours including 2-3 hours lesson and surfing, surfboard, hooded wetsuit with gloves and boots, mandatory lifeguarding, forecast prediction and food and drinks in our surf shack by the beach in Tjørnuvík for a total of 1450 DKK pr person. If there is no swell, they can arrange a tour with paddleboarding (SUP), snorkeling and cliff jumping from different heights (from 1-10 meters). Contact Faroe Islands Surf Guide here 

Hike Excursion to the Sea Stack of Tjørnuvík

Departure from the village of Tjørnuvík, situated at the northernmost point of the island of Streymoy.

The guide will lead you along the hiking path up to the valley of Torvadalur. There will be a short stop to give you the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature and the view of the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands, Slættaratindur. From here, you will continue up to Kambur and westward to Skoradalsheyggjur, where there is a view of the entire bay of Sjeyndir.

The hike continues from Skoradalsheyggjur down to the strait of Stakssund, from where you will reach the sea stack by cable.

Once on the sea stack, you will have the opportunity to go into the house to enjoy your packed lunch while you take in the magnificent view of the bay of Sjeyndir, the promontory of Mýlingur and the island of Kalsoy to the east.

After lunch, the hike continues into the valley of Skoradalur before you head back home.

Upon arrival back in the charming village of Tjørnuvík, you will have the opportunity to buy coffee and waffles.

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In Saksun the Dúvugarðar farm and the church are very special historical sites administrated by the Faroese National Heritage. From June 15th to August 31st the farm is open every day of the week from 2 pm to 5 pm. Admission fee is 30 DKr. Outside opening hours an extra 600 DKr will be charged. During the winter the copyholder administrates admissions, (+298) 594455. Read more about Dúvugarðar on Faroese National Heritage website, or on the farm’s Facebook/duvugardar and Facebook/savn.

Visit Faroe Islands has published material about different sites in the area. These are available at the tourist informations around the islands. Read more on

We have many narrow roads here. For information about how to get around safely click here.

Hiking routes.